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As we journey  into this new year May our lives be filled with  joy and laughter Remarkable growths and Progress Successes and attainments May our dreams come through Happy Prosperous New Year  from all of us @


Traveled through the days The weeks and months It was a great ride A notable one Time to alight Some roads were smooth and jolly Some were narrow and risky Some were rough and grubby Some were hilly and bumpy Some were valley and gully Not without the times of flat tires Bumper bashing Rude traffic jams Continue Reading


What began like a trickle of idea Became reality You all made it happen Thank you for clicking Thank you for reading Thank you for commenting Thank you for sharing Thank you for critiquing Thank you for believing in us Thank you for being there for us Thank you for making our 2018 memorable We Continue Reading


The year is ending and many people would start again with New Year resolution wahala. All fine if it works for you. After all, there is nothing wrong in resolving to become a better you. But my question is; must it be at the beginning of the year you determine to do thing right or is Continue Reading


Housed in a container Moved in it Identified by its aesthetics But sometimes lost in it Who exactly am I the container or the content Sometimes I try so hard to figure exactly what it is about this combo Sometimes complicating other times compelling sometimes conflicting other times cooperating Influenced by the countless conversations with  Continue Reading


I got a big box From a precious Friend With a tag  “COMPLETE”. The box looked so beautiful I couldn’t wait to open. When I did, My heart leaped I saw in it  many packs wrapped in choicest glittering ornaments,  with an instruction “SHARE WITH ALL” so I chose to share with YOU. In it I Continue Reading


Let the Spirit of love, joy and peace fill our hearts and light up our homes with much cheers and happiness as we share our moments in this beautiful season Merry Christmas from all of us


We celebrate this day The birth of a phenomenal King Not of the crown of men But of a celestial throne We celebrate Christmas Cos beyond the divine conception The birth and manger story The gifts and merry Was a rescue plan And a mission accomplished Redemption!!! All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018