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#ratherusthanourchildren- heart cry of a mother

I saw this hashtag today #ratherusthanourchildren and it really got me thinking. This is the voice of motherhood speaking.
I know how painful miscarriage or stillbirth can be not to think of the loss of a full grown child. Which woman had sweet and easy labor pangs and wouldn’t bother or weep if the child is lost – no mother, not even a mad woman.
Think of the sleepless nights, the sacrifices and investments in raising a child; only to be gone not because he committed a crime but because he stood for his right.

#ratherusthanourchildren is a cry any mother will make without a blink. Which mother wants to know the grave of her child? God forbid!!!

Since our leaders are not concerned, biko what of their wives abi this motherhood experience they didn’t go through it. What is their reasons for the silent treatment too, what will it take them to say something to Nigerians who lost their children or they too can’t see or aren’t hearing what is happening. It is well.

To every grieving mother, no amount of sympathy or words of encouragement can bring back your loss. May God heal you, only Him can. May He comfort you, only Him can.

Women this is a call for us to arise and not be silent. Arise in prayers and support to other grieving mothers at this moment. Arise and lend your voices. Don’t be quiet in oppression. It didn’t happen to you today doesn’t mean it can’t be you tomorrow. Evil thrives when good people are silent.

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