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Everywhere went black and blank
Echoes fading away gradually
My ear whistling in pain
While I scampered for balance
It was a slap
Another slap
For being a child
I want to play like my friends
I want to be loved like others
I want daddy’s affirming words
I want mummy’s sweet cuddles
But the opposite I get
You call me unimaginable names
Beat me at every slightest provocation
You whip me like an animal
The scars are everywhere
You compare me with everyone
Never seen anything good in what I do
Never appreciate my effort
Even when I don’t understand why
The sound of your voice is terror to me
What have I done again?
The sound of your feet frightens me
What is it this time?
I fear you
For what you will do to me again
You don’t have my time
You don’t listen to me
Your busy schedules wouldn’t let you see my needs
I am left in the hands of strangers to grow
You don’t know me mum
You don’t know me dad
Yet you call me names
I see my friends parents show up at the school gate
There on their birthdays
Present at their presentations
I have always looked forward to seeing you do same for me
Cheer me in from the crowd
Remind me my lines from the rear
Instead you have called names
When you don’t even know me
So many things I love to share
But I can’t
So many things I wish I could tell you
Not on my life
I want you present
Change please
Please change
I want to look forward to coming home
I want a home where I am loved
I want to grow knowing you know me
Please change
Please change

They are our future
Be available in their today
Say NO to every form of Child Abuse.
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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