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I waved in tears
Waved until distance swallowed the car
My child was in it
My child was gone
Tears won’t let me speak
Tears didn’t let me talk to my child
I carried her on my laps
To let her know she was still my child
We wept
My heart bled in pain
Like this child will never come back
We never wanted it
They came promising a better life
They promised to give her a home
Make life better
Send her to school
I accepted
What I couldn’t afford
What paucity didn’t let me give my child
Better opportunity to life
That was all I asked for
What I couldn’t offer
I gave my child to their promise
An innocent child
Alas my child is in trouble
My child is a slave
The streets is her school
Remnants is her meal
Walking the streets in rags
She’s been abused all-round
And told not to speak
Nobody wants to fight for my child
A child I birth
My quest for better life was a waste
I need her back
Who will fight for her
An innocent child
Say NO to every form of Child Abuse
Say NO and STAND by it
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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