‘Saying Society’
‘Saying Society’
What have we said her into?
We mouthed her
Mouthed her back to her nightmare
She became our plague
She became our shame
She became our dent
She became our ordeal
We pushed her
Pushed her back
She pleaded for our understanding
She pleaded for our help
Our holier-than-thou attitude didn’t let us think
Our family ego didn’t let us help
We pushed her
“Go, go, go back
It’s your home
Don’t let another take
What you have worked for”
We told her we were against the act
We told her we were with her this time
He came begging
He came pleading
He looked repentant
Like he always has after his wicked act
We joined in assuring her it won’t happen again
We pushed her
Who will tell the story of what happened
The head is down
The mouth is shut
Who will tell us what happened
Why cry
Why cry
We pushed her
She never wanted to go back
But we didn’t let her be
The name and ego we tried
to protect is now everywhere
Everywhere for the very wrong reasons
Saying society
Oh Saying Society
Who is our next target?
When will we look beyond us?
And deal with the issue
Let these women be
Let them live
Help them live
Stop the stigmatization
Say No to all form of Domestic Violence
Say it and sand by it
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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