So loud
So loud she shouted
Shouting for help
Every other night
She is shouting
I can hear her now
He is hitting her again
She’s been hit, beat and battered
Wounded inside out
Lost her glow
Lost her self-worth
Lost her confidence
Lost her smile
All for what the society would say
She is grinding
She is grieving
She is dying
Because the society won’t listen to her
No one wants to hear her own side of the story
No one cares how she feels
She has been told to stay there and fight for her home
She has been admonished to stay and pray some more
She has been told everything will be alright
But for how long
For how long
She has been caged by what the society says
This ‘saying society’
Could you please say to that monster in him she deserves to live
Could you please say to that beast in him she is not his problem
Could you please blame her less and face the issue at the root
Could you please let her know that it is only the living that tells the story
This ‘Saying Society’
Help her pull through!
Let her live again!
Let her live her dreams!
She has been abused physically
She has been abused emotionally by the one who once professed love
She is bleeding
Bleeding from her soul
She is dying from her inside
‘Saying Society’
Don’t label her
Enough of this stigmatization
She needs your help and not your blames
She needs to live again
Stop the abuse
Help stop violence against women
Let the society help abused women live again

Say No to all form of Domestic Violence
Say it and stand by it

All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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