He has been placed in a place no one believes it can happen
A place where nobody would believe his story
A place where he cannot speak about it
A place where everyone assumes it is likely his fault
Yet it keeps happening
A place of warmth and love
You have turned to his worst nightmare
A place of serenity
You have turned into horror
A place of trust
Now filled with betrayals
A place of happiness
Now filled with bitterness
The good old days you have forgotten
You no longer cherish what you once shared
His personality you have used against him
His honesty you have chosen not to believe
His weaknesses is now you stronghold
His kindness you have disregarded
His pains you have celebrated
His helpfulness you have misunderstood
His opinion you no longer value
You have striped him
The venom you feed him is killing him
The hostility you have shown him is sending him away
He has lost his dignity in his house
Lost his respect in his own home
He has lost his teeth
He cannot smile
He has not his tongue
He cannot talk
His hands are tied
He cannot fight back
His legs are tied
He cannot walk away
Yet he cannot speak out
If he does, he would be called a fool
He would be labeled a weakling
The society is after him
Calling him wayward for staying away
You are after him
Calling him worthless
Yet you blackmail him with your emotions
The story of an abused man
Help stop all forms of domestic violence and abuse
Every partner deserves to be treated right
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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