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Accepting Our Differences

It’s so funny how what makes one person happy could keep another miserable. Life lessons! While I am overly excited over a bowl of ice cream another person would never get close for a spoon. How I could be happy on my six inch heels all day; and another person won’t stop wondering how I am able to survive each minute on it. While I am happily flaunting my locks, another lady would prefer braids; while another would rather wear her wigs, then comes another lady who is not interested in all our hair wahala, who prefers her clean shave.

It gets really amusing, sometimes annoying when people do not accept other people’s preferences just because they do not like it; and because they do not like it, they condemn everything about it. But our differences is what makes us unique individuals, that our likes, choices, views and approaches can’t be same shouldn’t be a problem. There is no need trying to fit people into our own moulds or assume everyone should be like us. It can’t be possible.

Everyone will not be like you; everyone will never like what I like. What rocks your boat may sink mine. We all can’t be headed for same direction, even if we are, we may still choose to get to our destination through various means. We can disagree to agree and we can agree to disagree as long as we do not infringe on each other’s right and respect is mutual. We can be right in different ways. What is M to me, could be W to another and we will all be right. But insisting that we all come and see it from your angle and ignore every other viewpoint becomes the problem.

We all have what we bring to the table whether flair or flavour. It’s all good and should be appreciated.
Life is simple; it is us that bring complex to it. Accepting that we are a bunch of varieties makes it interesting, peaceful and fun.

©️ Stella C. Obokoh 2020

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