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So still but piercing
Not noisy but penetrating
I heard it speak
I tasted its feast
The deep feel of solitude
The voice of silence
From a place of brash utterances
We allowed our voices emit
Every single rubbish that came to our brains
Demeaning the worth of each
And silence was quiet all the while 
After our roars and rumbles
When we gave silence a chance to speak
It spoke audibly that none could deny its voice
It spoke so loud that it swallowed our voices
While we pondered those toxic utterances
We said to ourselves in our moments of fury
Allowed the bile settle deep in our hearts
Allowed it blind us to the sensitivity of the danger that beeped
We handed silence our pipe
We danced to its music
Felt it was cool for us
But its audibility plunged us into darkness 
Such darkness that when we found our voices
The damage was horrible
Sometimes I forget the sound of our voices 
That brought us to speak in silence
But the voice of such silence I never forget
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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