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Stepping out
Hoping for the best
Hoping the world doesn’t turn blue on me
Praying heaven smiles on me
Trusting all would work well
Typical thoughts of a better day
But what if it doesn’t
What if things go wrong
What if it doesn’t go my way
What if I fail
What if …
Mind questions
I will take my chance
Be bold to take chances
Be bold to take steps
You can only get an answer
It’s either you get a Yes or a No
You get accepted or rejected
You get an approval or disapproval
You get liked or not liked
You get a welcome or a not welcomed
Which ever
What ever
Whether sweet bananas or bitter lemons
Use them
Make meaning of them
Considering lemonade?
I am too
Don’t give up on yourself
Don’t be afraid 
Be bold, take chances
Be bold, take steps
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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