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Everyone is doing it, saying it, wearing it and using it
The ‘Everyone Syndrome’
Little by little eats you up
You are comfortable being that
You do not want to be labeled different
So how far can you go with this
Walking in other people’s shadow
Living other people’s lives
Not daring to be you
Not thinking yourself
You have guarded yourself with excuses, not looked beyond the spot
You are too scared to take your own step
There is no comfort in being who you are not
There is no fulfilment in it.
Can you be different? Yes
Can you find your purpose? Yes
Can you be an outlier? Yes
Can you standout? Yes
Can you be innovative? Yes
Can you be yourself? Yes
When you chose to tell yourself the truth
Then you begin to step into who You are meant to be
Dare to be You
I Rep #teambeyourself
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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