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Laughing in the dark
Dancing in your perversion
Humming in your mischief
Rejoicing in your wickedness
She trusted and believed you
Treated you like a sister
What did you do?
You stabbed her
He brought you close
Gave you succor like a brother
What did you do?
You ruined him
You came close looking innocent
Your harmless appearance
Your subtle approach won their hearts
Your came like a friend
You perfected you schemes
Sounded so real
So real to be disputed
A friendly enemy
You disguised to ruin another
Camouflaged to shatter a fellow
Masked to drain a confidant
Veiled to destroy a friend
You are a ticking bomb in the hands of time
She will rise and start again
He will rise and start again
But for you
Time will tell
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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