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ABUSED – ‘SAYING SOCIETY’ So loud So loud she shouted Shouting for help Every other night She is shouting I can hear her now He is hitting her again She’s been hit, beat and battered Wounded inside out Lost her glow Lost her self-worth Lost her confidence Lost her smile All for what the society Continue Reading


When oh when How oh how Hopelessness, hostility and darkness  Seems to be everywhere Challenges trying to choke  my dreams and aspirations I hear it banging in my head Making me want to give up and go my way But then, when it seems I have been forgotten I hear that sweet sounding voice That quite, Continue Reading


Night falls Everyone settling into it Then came the terrific A bang! A loud bang at the entrance What could it be Who could it be Not again Thought this was sorted out last time Then the door came down Where do I hide this time Searching round in fear for a safe placeWhere I Continue Reading