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As we journey  into this new year May our lives be filled with  joy and laughter Remarkable growths and Progress Successes and attainments May our dreams come through Happy Prosperous New Year  from all of us @


What began like a trickle of idea Became reality You all made it happen Thank you for clicking Thank you for reading Thank you for commenting Thank you for sharing Thank you for critiquing Thank you for believing in us Thank you for being there for us Thank you for making our 2018 memorable We Continue Reading


Let the Spirit of love, joy and peace fill our hearts and light up our homes with much cheers and happiness as we share our moments in this beautiful season Merry Christmas from all of us


Veggie vendor When you pass by the neighborhood Please blare loud Let us know So we can buy Some for the boys Some for the girls Some for mom Some for dad Some for the old Some for the young Veggie veggie all the way All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


From a heart of gratitude Lord Grateful for the blessings I guarded so close Grateful for the ones I took for granted Grateful for the ones seen Grateful for the ones skipped Grateful for the ones not seen From a sincere heart From a grateful Me Thank you Lord!!! All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh Continue Reading


We have gathered the other children Adorned them with beautiful apparels Showcased them as our treasures But have left out one We have introduced the other children Spoken well of them Taken them every where But have left out one We have celebrated the other children Given thanks for them Given them the best But Continue Reading


Wow!!! I am officially a blogger. Yeah!!! So happy we are here now. I have always wanted to do this but couldn’t get myself to do it. But here we are finally. I defeated procrastination. Oh yes I did.  Indeed the company you keep matters. A friend once asked me a sincere question and meant Continue Reading