Good things of life
don’t always come wrapped in attractive packs

Life time opportunities 
don’t always come packed in chocolate boxes

don’t always come clothed in angel’s wings

don’t always come noisy

don’t always come large

Real Strength 
isn’t always determined by looks

The end of a story 
isn’t always determined by the start

The needed 
isn’t always in a distance
Look around
Never despise
Never demean
Never disdain
Watch out
So you don’t miss out
On life’s treasures
When they show up
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

2 replies on “DISGUISED”

Poetry is what I do. I must say that this is very motivational. Simple,
to the point, and makes the think. Thumbs up! I sum it all up in three words: Love Is Blind

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