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What was meant for all
They took to themselves
What our motherland gave us
The willed to their generations
Kept us starving
Kept us in perpetual darkness
And smiled in their mischief
Told us stories
Fell on the floor like we did
Just to make us feel 
we all danced the same tune
Where are their wards
Where are their children
They have gathered us 
in our hungry state
Told us the misery 
and blame tales 
we have always heard
Handed us peanuts 
tied in their branded bags
So we ate desperately 
and danced away our conscience
Where are their wards
Where are their children
Their arrant confidence 
told them we will come again
The hunger they put us in 
brought us again
The promises they made 
they claim they have not forgotten
They have promised again
They have given us the weapon 
of our words against realities
They have given us weapons 
to divide and destroy ourselves
Weapons to destroy their enemies
They have given us stuffs
Hardened us against pain
And pushed us to do their dirty deals
Their wards have sailed away
From the ‘dirtiness’ of the business
They have fanned the flames of war
And sent their children away for safe keep
And put us on the front line as their bulletproofs
How long shall we continue in this circle
Waiting for their unfulfilled promises
Destroying ourselves
Impoverishing ourselves
Selling our mandate for meals
Selling our future for peanuts
How wise are we now
Are we really ready for a change
Are we ready to get it right
We will make a difference
When we are ready
No better time to be ready than now
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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