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Which are you to me?
Friend or  foe!
Let me know before I spill
Let me know before I relax
Let me know before I let my hair down
Friends are real to themselves
Available for each other
Care for each other
Not out to find faults
Watch each other’s back
Tell each other the truth
Friends can do crazy things
Crazy things just to make each other happy
Friends share anything
From ice creams to chocolates
From cakes to drinks
From berries to cherries
From ribbons to lipsticks
From tears to laughter
From moments to experiences
Celebrate each other’s achievements
Concerned about each other’s growth
Commend each other’s effort
Compliment each other’s advancement
Happy moments, there to celebrate
Sad moments, there to cheer up
Sorrowful moments, there to console
Down times, there to give a helping hand
Respect each other’s values
Regard each other’s feeling
Respond to each other’s needs
So let me know
Let me know before I let you in
Are you a friend?
True friendship is priceless
Are you a friend or a foe?

All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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