Poem and Stories


Gathering the bric-a-bracs of life
Putting them together
From every corner
From several shelves
They came in different sizes, shapes, shades
Different ways, times and phases
Finding out what they meant to me

Some didn’t make sense the first time
Some didn’t look any way like it
Some didn’t look important
Some were terrible
While I clinched to some in much admiration
I gathered them
Was it my instinct?
Was it necessary?
Was it my disposition?
Put them together
Laid them out
Took time to sort them
Got the most needed
Got the may be needed
Got the not really needed
Got the not needed
Putting it together
I got this beautiful piece
Everyone admires
Everyone wants
Everyone talks about
Life is a process
You gather it
Sort it and
Make meaning out of what you have

All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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