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HELPLESSNESS By Stephanie E. Ofeoshi

Introducing to you our esteemed readers is Stephanie E. Ofeoshi. Stephanie is a 14 years old girl who loves writing, she is ready to use her pen greatly. She also likes reading inspirational books. Isn’t that amazing seeing a young girl who is already enthusiastic about the power of her pen.  Kindly drop a comment to encourage Young Stephanie to do more after you have read her poem.

Now Our Vision
Infested by corruption
Parricide, robber aim
Loss are our gain
What are the peoples’ gain
Alive dead are our future
Oh happiness! Our beings end and aim
Down by wickedness culture
More work less gain
Thus, hope has left our sides
Blathering flint, battered with clanging hoof
Are our visions and destiny
The arms and flesh has failed
Our beauty has been slain
We smiled, cried and wailed
Who will save us from this disdain?
Help and kindness have cried
The enemy has prevailed and shall prevail
Until we turn to our creator.

All Rights Reserved © Stephanie E. Ofeoshi  2018

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