Alas it was time 
Sorrow wouldn’t let her smile
To what they chanted 
And danced for
Deep down in her
Was a dying dream
A vanishing vision
 And a bleeding heart

Her head aches
from the heavy loads
Her leg sores and scars
from the long walks
Her fire burns and knife cuts 
Preparing her for this day 
She’s been told that is where she belongs 
She’s being told not to complain
Not to show pain
Called a tree planted in another’s garden

She wanted what her friends had
but was told no
She wanted to wear the uniforms
She saw them wear
but was told no
She wanted to go to school
but was told no
Always peeped through the curtained window
As she watched them go
Wondered what fate it was

Who is he
He is a stranger
The garden owner
He looks fierce in his smiles
Too old to tend this tree
She’s been told she will go with him
His house will be her home
With time
She will grow to understand

And sent into the dark
Left in the hands of a stranger

That is all she is good for
To start same circle
Same circle that brought her here
And it’s called her destiny 
Hear her inner cry
‘When will I live
The life I love to
When will my dreams draw 
Who will hear my heart
I want to go to school
I want to be educated
I want to be empowered
I want to have a voice
I want to be heard
I want to live my dream’
Help educate a child
Help empower a girl child
Give her a voice today!
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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