How did we get here?
How did it get this bad?
Where did we go wrong?
When did we become a society without feelings?
When did we become this selfish?
When did we become so inhuman?
A society of double standards
We now shame good and applaud evil
Yet we preach it
Celebrate mediocrity and hard work is disregarded
Yet we chant it
Thieves now have the support of the people
While the Man of integrity is called a fool
It’s more of the bling not the source
It’s more of the showoff of wealth
No one queries the source anymore
The honest languishing in poverty 
for standing for what is right 
While crooks display flamboyantly stolen monies 
Human lives no longer matter
Human blood now worth nothing
No one wants to be a brother’s keeper
Everyone is taken over by self-aggrandizement
We need help
We need to get out of this jumble
This is no life
It may have been handed over to us
But we do not need to hand it over to the next generation
Let’s destroy it today
Let’s build a society worth living today for a better tomorrow

All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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