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I am a woman
Full of strength
Inner strength
Driven by my passion to succeed
Smart and brave
I have my plans, purpose and pursuits

I wake up every morning
Facing and braving the challenges life throws at me
First as a human and then as a woman
Getting my own pang of life circumstances

What keeps me going is my inner strength
Yes my inner strength
That strength that only me knows
Only me understands
Only me can explain

It keeps me going when no one believes in me
It keeps me moving when it is tough
It keeps me pressing when light seems so far away
Yes my inner strength

I get my share of disregard
I shove it off
I get my share of body shaming, sometimes it get to me
I need not let it stick on me
I get my share of disappointments
I do not dwell on them
I have my fears
I overcome them

My inner strength
Oh my inner strength
It keeps me going
It keeps me moving
It keeps me marching
It keeps me thinking
It keeps me optimistic

Each step gets brighter
Each day I make progress
Each move gets better

I am a woman
I am a strong woman
I celebrate my Inner Strength
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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