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I said No
The no that brought me freedom
The no that liberated me
The no that gave me a new hope
And made me live my dreams
I had said yes
Yes for too long
Yes to the things I shouldn’t have said yes to
But never had the will power to say otherwise
The yes that never gave me an opportunity
The yes that never allowed my opinion count
The yes that didn’t allow me do it my own way
The yes that never allowed me think
The yes that was too loud for me to hear myself
So I stayed off troubles saying yes
I begged for favors saying yes
So I said yes when it was not convenient
I said yes even in my discomfort
I became everything to no one saying yes
I became nothing to everyone saying yes
I thought my yes would bring me approval
I thought my yes would bring me recognition
I thought my yes would bring me acceptance
So I went about saying yes
Yes to everything
But alas my yes only tied me down
It made me a slave to the opinion of many
It made me bound to their perception about me
I said No
Happy I did
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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