My color will not be considered
I am ugly and unattractive
My height is not good enough 
My weight is terrible
My gender does not do it
I am not qualified
They will not listen to me
They will not believe me
Your unending list of woes
Hung on your neck like a ‘reject tag’
Like a prisoner
In an attempt to run from the reality
Your unending excuses like a caged bird

It is not about  your color
Not about your size
Has nothing to do with your nationality
Even your gender has not contributed in any way to it
Everything thing is pointing in one direction 
Everyone is pointing same
Pointing to You 

It is all about you
Yes, it is you

The things you allowed
The things you did not allow
The things you did 
The things you did not do
The things you needed to do 
And the things you never saw the need to do
It is all about you
You are the prisoner of the jail you have created

It is the choices you make
Your choice to stand, walk or run
Your choice to fly and soar
Liberating yourself 
Accepting the truth
Is a choice

Like the balloons
All shades, shapes and colors fly
Like the eagles
All sizes and gender soar
It is in you
All you need is in you

It is all about you 
You have the wings of your thoughts
The wings of your imaginations
Your eyes for vision
Focused  on your targets
Taking you to all altitudes of choice

If you can think it
You can make it
If you can work it 
You can get it
It is all in your hands 
It is all about you

By Stella Obokoh

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