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He faces his woes
He faces his fears
He faces his tough time
He faces his challenges
Let him be a man
He has his weaknesses
He has this strength
He has societal pressures to tackle
He has economic pressures to deal with
He has been beaten by goals not met
Please let him be a man
He has a wife to love
He has children to care for
He has a home to go back to
He has his parents to take care of
He has his extended family looking up to him
He has his society to impact
Please let him be a man
He has his friends to hang out with
He has his foes to contend with
He has his boss to face
He has his colleges to team up with
He has his targets to meet
Please let him be a man
He has his goals in life
He has his aspirations
He has his life
He has his taste
Let him be a man
Please respect him
Please cherish him
Please encourage him
Please let him rest
Please appreciate his effort
Please allow him make decisions
Please respect his opinion
Let him be the man
© Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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