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As high as anyone could imagine
You wanted to fly
Fly high
But you have lost your wings
You cannot boast of a feather
Your dreams were so lofty
Your ideas lovely
But you cannot achieve any
What happened?
You thought you were in control
You thought you were strong willed
You thought no one could influence you
So you hung out
You hung out with them
Drowning ones looking for who would drown along
You became a regular
Now you are lost
Now you cannot find your ground

You are now a slave
Slave to your addictions
Slave to those substance
The chain of abuse strangles you
The one on your hand
The one you cannot do without now
You need help
Things can change
There is no sense living on what ruins you
Seek help
Stop the abuse of drugs
Say NO to Drug Abuse

All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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