Freshness fill and active beginning
After a long well-rested and fun filled holiday
As we get back to our morning running routine
Great anticipations
Solos and songs of expectations
As we get into this new phase
All set and eager to explore 
And adventure into greater learning experiences
Thoughts and talks of new classes
New friends, teachers and instructors
Expression of fears tickling in as we get set
Hush!!! All will be fine
All for your good
The school bus shows up
Excitedly they run off
But deep down in me
Are parts of me whom I have bonded with
Passionately this period
Being taken away by necessity
As they run off to go become
Ones in whom I one day
Would be proud I bore and bred  
Smiles as the school bus zoom
With the happy singing lovelies
While I sink into the day’s activity
Awaiting their pleasant return
Into this welcoming arms of mama.
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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