It’s unrealistic like it could surpass Everest
It sounds stupid like the sound of an empty barrel
You are just blabbing like a baby
What dream?
Who thinks that way?
Who does that?
Where has it been done before?
It is not possible
It can’t be achieved
Look for something else to do
I heard it always
But it sounded like the voice of an enemy in a friend
I heard it always even in me
But it was the voice of an enemy in me
Trying to kill it
Trying to strangle my dream
Lofty it looked the first time I must say
But it was my dream
I saw it clearly
I knew it
I understood it
So it burns in my veins
Like a volcano ready to erupt
So I chose to bite in bits
One thing at a time
Learning my steps
Taking my steps
Bit by bit
I keep moving
The more I move the clearer it is becomes
The more I move the better I understand it
Focused like the sharp shooter
Aiming for the best
Focused like the athlete
Aiming for the mark
Not stopping
Until I see it fulfilled
Until it becomes tangible
That is my essence
Tell me yours
By Stella Obokoh

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