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My voice, our equal future

For too long
they wanted to be heard
times, they wished they could be heard
but for the cycle
never-ending matriarchal cycle
passed on from one to another
and another to another
normalised it as rule

sounding voices of
melodious songs
voiced in silence
heard only in sheaths
far from the beams
they wished for

music made only for the children
lullabies to quiet them to sleep
child mothering another and again
dancing to the song sung behind the walls
the walls away from their dreams
while the other lived their dreams

tell them that this day
we are different
we break this circle
the walls are falling
we are different
our voices no longer loiter
silent streets of our trodden hearts
our dreams no longer suppressed
at the feet of norms passed down,
we are different

we are singing a
single simple song
let us grow too
prime and gleam
we are all equal
if we are stars
the galaxy is for all
all stars shine
preference to all
or none at all
the times are changing
we move with the change
equal right in all’s favor
my voice, our equal future.

©️ Stella C. Obokoh 2020

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