MYSELF, MY HOPE! By Abbakar Danladi

Myself was there for me when no one cared.
The world seemed heavy hunched on my back.
Scorched, unease and fretted but no one cared.

Because I had nothing and was no one but me.
I felt the lonesome left far from a cliff.
Where I could see their backs turned on me.

Going down the hill without beckon.
No one turned to take one last look.
No one cared to know if I will stay strong or break.

I felt a bulge in my heart.
Protruded that made me rage.
Burn in flames of fury for left alone.

Like a lone outcast wolf.
Saw its pack left whole.
Because he was himself and no one else.

Where it to howl, bark or bleat.
No echo could hear him, less reflect.
My conscience dropped on its knee.

Raised its hands above for beseech.
All it wants to know is what wrong it did.
That it deserved be left for dread.

Asking what unearthed curse is that.
But hope came from me within.
That I be sad not for what I am.

I am what the Lord says will be.
It’s never an end nor its edge.
I was promised that I will be what life makes of me.

The better and strong all manned up.
Because myself was there for me.
When no one turned to see my fate.

All Rights Reserved © Abbakar Danladi 2018

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