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I am not ashamed to be naked before Him
Not ashamed to be me before Him
I am comfortable in my nakedness before Him
Having nothing to hide
Bare and real
No secrets, no shame
When I am with him, I am not bothered about my makeup and makeovers
Just me, the real me
For every time I appeared naked, it’s been my best
I can’t even cover up for any reason when I am with Him, what for
He’s being a consistent friend and a companion
Always there when I call
With Him I can say it the way it is without fear
With Him I am myself
Never judged me even in my messy mess
Believes the best of me
He’s being there right from the begin and would never go away
His love so sweet
His cuddles so warm
His whispers so breath taking
His words so instructive
His voice so reassuring
I am lost in His love for Me
Naked before Him

Naked for God

All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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