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Saying never (it is not possible) to anything in life is either a sign of fear, pride or foolishness.  Fear of being displaced.  Pride for thinking you have figured it all out and you know it all. Foolishness for not been bothered. The things you hold so dearly today would become obsolete in the nearest future and the things you never imagined could be or you have said or are saying no to today would become the new normal. Ask the typists of 25years ago, how many of them would have believed that a time would come when people would prepare their documents conveniently from their phones, tablets and laptops. As long as there is existence, innovations will not seize and change must continue to happen, there must be something new to learn. Instead of being resistant; be open-minded to new things, trends, ways, businesses, careers, technologies, information…

When you say never, you restrain your mind from being receptive to knowledge and when this happens it makes you skeptical about learning. All you want and think is your old ways of doing things. You see yourself unconsciously fighting change. This your way of doing things may be good today, but it is better you have a knowledge you do not need than to need it and do not have it. You would just watch opportunities pass you bye.

When those “crazy” ideas pop in your head and it is like ‘I have never seen it happen before or anywhere’, never say never or look down on the You you see at the moment but document it, keep it in mind and keep working.  Ask questions, seek to know; make enquiries. The truth is everyone is looking for better ways of getting things done and you could be the answer to one of those needs. What you need to achieve your idea may just be few steps away from you. Knowledge draws you to it.

Learn, keep learning, and never stop learning. As we grow we learn and when we learn we also grow. What you learn you gain. What you know becomes your edge. As long as there is no end to change, then you shouldn’t stop seeking to know. Never say Never.

© Stella C.  Obokoh

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