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So this day I chose to pull the carpet
To get a clean house
My decision was clear
Everywhere stank 
No one seemed to know why
But I knew
I often ran to hide
Ran from every trouble
I ran at the slightest smell of danger
I felt it was good for me
I was so naive
I was called the peace maker
So I swept lots of dirt under the carpet
Praying the carpet remained intact
Praying the carpet never got changed
So it smelt horribly bad
This day
We did a clean up
The carpet was rolled away for good
The floor was swept
Got the place cleaned
The smell was gone
We don’t need carpets anymore
No need sweeping under it anymore
Everywhere must have an aura of freshness
Great decision we took 
Friends forever
 All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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