She stepped in with all
Needing a helping hand
Needing an ear to listen
A shoulder to cry
Not willing to go back
Ready to drop them
Ready to move on
The rags were too visible to be ignored
The baggage was too obvious not to be noticed
The dirt and sweat from her past oozed
Her feet like broken glass
Her past, not good enough
Not good enough to recall
But beyond the her we saw
Was beauty covered in filth
Never mind!
We helped her
Helped her pull theme off
Helped her drop them
Helped her trash them
The bin needed some
Some burnt and never to be seen again
She needed a change
She got it
She has put on a new look
She is radiating
She is on the royal line
She has put on apparel
She looks royal
In her purple linen
Royalty looks good on her
We helped her make it happen
Being sisterly
This is women helping women come out
Sisters helping sisters grow

All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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