Seasons come and go
Life shows up 
In seasons and stages
No one remains same
Think of it
The cutie little child
Once cuddled and cradled
Guarded and guided
The budding beauty
Now grown
Grown into a lovely looking young chap
Trying to discover what life is
And all the hullabaloos it brings
To an all grown and glowing
Emerging, energetic embodiment
Having the strength of ten in one
Ready to conquer and win
Jumping hurdles
Breaking barriers
Then to that middle age minder
Building a legacy
Rented by the responsibilities to fend for
Pushing so hard for relevance
Then the gray hairs shows up
Accompanied with wrinkles
And diminishing strength
Memories of the days of vigor 
And vibrance
The days of opportunities used
And opportunities lost
Then the sun begins to set
Then fizzles 
And fades away
Seasons of life…
 All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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