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Our strife for positions
Strife for numbers
Strife for superiority
Strife for power
Has led us into competing
Instead of consolidating 
Instead of building
Race for numbers has made us irrational
Quest for dominance has made us callous
Fight for superiority has made us unreasonable
Pursuit for power has made us perverse
We have ignored building from the scratch
We have neglected foundations
We have concentrated on the outer beautifications
We all want the top
Not the sacrifice
Not the pain
Force it to fit in my favor
We have mismatched things just for our gain
We have bent the rules for our selfish benefits
All to be called the first
All to be called the best
Where is the place for excellence?
Where is the place for work?
Where is the place for teamwork?
Where is the place for mentoring?
Where is the place for growth?
 All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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