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Shopping List

It’s another weekend already💃. How are you doing, how has you week been, were you able to achieve all you set for the week, or things didn’t go as planned? If it all went well, congratulations and If things didn’t work as planned, don’t let it weigh you down; better days are ahead.

Who will be shopping this weekend✋, how many of us use our shopping list and how many of us follow what is on our list, or we are too experienced to be peeping into paper every now and then. So we look at it when we are almost done to be sure nothing is missing.

Who also slashes list in the market because of change in prices? ✋You write a list using the last price you them, then get to the market to meet a different story. Women are great mathematicians whether you like maths or not🤣. The way we begin to adjust our lists to fit into budget is wonderful.

You know how annoying and tiring it can be to see something on the list that you forgot to buy and having to go back to go and buy it; especially when it is an item you really need. It is worse if you have spent money budgeted for the item on something not really important and you no longer have much on you at the moment. Thank God for ebanking; its been solving plenty wahala for women in recent years.

Students are resuming Monday here in Abuja, I guess this weekend may meet some of us busy getting things ready for their resumption. Please stick to your list this weekend to avoid spending monies you didnt plan to spend buying things that are not neccessary. Especially if you would be going with the children.

In all your list slashing and adjusting don’t touch carrot. If you must adjust carrot, it should be to buy more quantity.

Do you know that carrot is a Superfood? Eating carrot daily will help improve your vision, slow aging, promote healthy hair and glowing skin among many other benefits. They are also affordable and easy to find. So as you prepare your list don’t forget to add carrot. Make it a top item on you list.

Have a wonderful weekend💜

©️ Stella C. Obokoh 2021

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