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Strong in different ways

There are no weak ladies anywhere just as there are no ugly women anywhere. My view, you may disagree. You are as weak as you accept. Every woman have some measure of strength going for her. Have you wondered how you pull through daily even in difficulty and overwhelming times, how you are able to juggle a whole lot of things and still come out each day without losing your mind and how you do not look like what you’ve been through? We are all strong in our different ways.

There is something you are best at; just at the snap of your finger you can astonish the world. Also, everyone have something they are struggling with no matter how posh people may appear – it is weakness; never let yours define you. Always celebrate your strength no matter how little, while you learn to get stronger and better. Consciously affirm your strength regularly “I am a strong woman”. Celebrate it and be happy about it. You owe yourself happiness. Find a reason to be happy for who you are.

Your strength is your edge. Build on it, leverage on it and never demean how far it can take you. Sometimes we see the things we are not good at and assume those who are good at them are better than us; that is not true. They only made their strength attractive and instead of celebrating them and moving on, we allow it become a bait for a fall. Sometimes we fall so cheaply, struggle to become who we have no business being. Until you learn that you start living for yourself first before others, life will be a struggle no matter how much you try.

“You get bigger and better by learning, building, focusing and growing what you have. The longer you remain on what you are good at, sooner your rewards will begin to roll in. there is nothing more rewarding as being fulfilled while leveraging on your strength.
“I am a strong lady.” If no one ever said it to you, remember you just said it to yourself now. You are Strong!!!

©️ Stella C. Obokoh 2020

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