Poem and Stories


Her ebony radiated
As she stood in elegance
Now ready to tell the story to the glory
Everyone lost in her beauty
Like the pink roses that grace the morning
We couldn’t resist applauding
It became more interesting
The applause not ending
I needed to know who she was
What the story would be
Then she got to the podium
Got a hold of the microphone
Took a deep breath
So deep that I got a lot more interested in the story
Even before she could start
She gave a broad smile
Rolled her eyes through the length 
and breadth of the large hall
Then she began
With a subtle but sweet and confident voice
She began
‘Ladies and gentlemen
I saw this day coming long time ago
Did I understand it?
Not quite sure…
But one thing you must take from me today is
Persistence, hard work and diligence brought me here
Believe in yourself
Believe you can make it
And finally have unwavering faith in God
Thank you…’
She took a bow
With a gracious smile gazing round
The ovation was like no other
As she made for her seat
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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