Poem and Stories


The drums are rolled out

Everyone ready to celebrate
The orchestra well seated
The musicians already giving soft tones
The disc jockey ready to pop
Cameras rolling 
Everywhere is colorful and lit
The atmosphere is electrifying
Everyone dressed in their best
Affiliation stories going viral
List of dignitaries well cited
Everyone looking for the best seat

The gates can’t be shut
Everyone wants to be a part of it
Everyone wants to share 
Firsthand version of the story
The town has emptied into the venue
The news is everywhere
No one is willing to be quite 
All have gathered to celebrate
To celebrate Success
Success is sweet
It has many loved ones
Everyone wants to celebrate it
Everyone loves to celebrate it
It is related to even the farthest
Everyone honors its invitation
Success is sweet
 All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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