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Back in the days, the story was
We sat around mama
As the moon made the night so bright
Listening to her tell us folktales
Listening to her proverbs and wise sayings
We cherished our history and celebrated our roots
We valued our rich culture and heritage
We sang our songs and echoed them gladly
Danced, clapped and shook our heads to our own beats
Wore our own and spoke our language
A child belonged to the community
Discipline was instilled
Salutation was compulsory
Everyone knew everyone in the community
We didn’t fence and gate ourselves
We lived happily
In this day and time everything is changed
And we are lost in the change
We are lost between westernization and civilization  
We are neither here nor there
And we are losing at all ends
Colonial mentality is not letting us think our own or think ourselves
In our quest to love white we have made black ugly
Our children are hanging
Hanging between accepting the western culture and accepting ours
We have taught our children to talk like them
Speak their language
Learn their accent
Dress like them
Eat their food
We have joined in calling our own local and primitive
When are we planning to grow the African child who would be proud of his origin?
The African child who will wear her own
The African child who will speak his language
The African child who will value and celebrate her culture
The African child who will eat his own
This is a call for action
It is a call for help
It is a call for change
Happy African Child’s Day

All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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