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I got to know this lovely girl who is fast becoming a beautiful lady in church where I serve as a Sunday school teacher. Abilove as I always call her is such a warm girl to be with. I have heard her mother (we call her ‘Iyalade’, a mother of mothers and a mother to all. My encounter with Iyalade is a story  for another day. Abilove is my focus for today) tell her amazing testimonies a number of times. With the permission of the conveners of the ‘ENGRACED ONES’ I decided to share her birthday speech. I felt someone needed to see it. Someone needed to be encouraged.  Do not lose hope on any child. God will always come through. We all need to help create this awareness on children living with all forms of birth defects and physical challenges. Thank God for this group that is already championing this cause.

Good day Ladies and Gentlemen.

My name is Abigail Alade.  I turned 17 yesterday 10/6/18. I was born and celebrated like any other child until delayed developmental milestones and a Doctor’s diagnosis of Down Syndrome changed that narrative.

I had to undergo several surgeries targeted at making me look like other children.
I moved through several schools and  teachers to  stabilize my reading, writing, body co-ordination and speech.
I did not enjoy the love, acceptance and friendship children are supposed to get because of the way I looked.  Teachers had no patience with me because I am slower than other children in catching up. Most of them never knew of the condition called dyslexia that I also suffered from. They dismissed me, ‘she’s academically retarded’.
·        Now, those schools and teachers who rejected me would be glad to know now that I am writing Junior WAEC and other exams to fulfil destiny in life.
My mother tells me of several aunties who got married from our home but never considered me good enough to be in their bridal train.
God who has been faithful to keep me alive, give me parents who did not write me off,  teachers who were sympathetic and accommodated me. Friends and family that cared for me, I remain ever grateful to Him.
Today I am known as an Engraced child because His grace has sustained me.
We must remember to look to the positives in all situations; there is always a silver lining. Every blessing is sacred and magical, every being is sacred and magical whatever differences or difficulties they may have.
No one has the right to write of any being because there is no disability in eternity.
Every child should be loved, educated and cared for because there are no special diseases only a SPECIAL GOD.

‘ENGRACED ONES’, is a Prayer Support Group for parents and adults who love fearfully made children.
For more information please contact call or mail us on 08037240325,  08055163675, or


Sooo heartwarming. No child is or should be tagged a write off.May the LORD continue to hrant grace to everyone around these great children to gove them the patience,love and understanding they need.

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