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The waters are dried up
The fields deserted and abandoned
The grounds lay fallow
The oasis are disappearing
All greens gone
Even the dancing trees are not left out
Brown and shredded
Dead and dry
The harmattan wind hazy, dusty and sandy
The  beautiful sun blazing and scorching
A season of struggles
Challenges looking insurmountable
Circumstances making you want to doubt what you believe
No one believing in you anymore
Loved ones shielding away
Like left alone in a desert
Like left alone in tunnel
Hope alive
Dreams alive
So glad it’s a phase
So glad it’s a season
So glad it will pass
Oh so thirsty for the rain drops
Then it came
Wow! It’s here now
The blue and white cloud giving way for the darker
The lightening accompanied with mild thunders
Then the drops
The rain drops
Then the showers
I am whistling ‘the dry season is over’
Wetting the horizon
Brings us freshness
The field so ready to give us food
The field is busy
Everyone getting to work
The plants so green and waving
It’s green green everywhere
It’s so refreshing
The colourful flowers so ravishing
The trees are full of life and blossoming
The birds are having a place to nest
Everything looking lively
The hard work is beginning to yield
The barns are getting full
Playing in the rain
The haze is gone
The dust is gone
The dryness is gone
It’s raining on me
It’s showers of blessings
So happy
So thankful
The dry seasons are over
Its a new dawn!!!
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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