We have gathered the other children
Adorned them with beautiful apparels
Showcased them as our treasures
But have left out one
We have introduced the other children
Spoken well of them
Taken them every where
But have left out one
We have celebrated the other children
Given thanks for them
Given them the best
But have left out one

For being a Special Need Child
The one we have called our reproach
The one we have hidden from the public
The one we have denied acceptance
The one we have wished we could pray away
The one we have looked at with pity
The one we have discriminated
That child needs love
That child needs care
That child needs education
That child needs attention
That child is unique
That child is Engraced
That child is great
Awareness is power. Seek help and give that child a better life.
‘THE ENGRACED ONES’, is a Prayer Support and Advocacy Group for parents and adults who love children living with Special Needs.
For more information please call or mail us on 08037240325, 08055163675, or

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