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The ink
The ink that flows 
Flows through the mind to the fingers
Penning down the thoughts it brings
Penning down the imaginations it creates
Penning down the pictures it paints
It flows as the fingers stroke the pad
It flows as it listens to self
It flow when it shuts out clatters
Penning things down to be viewed and considered
This ink has the greatest capacity
This ink is efficient
This ink is powerful
It has the power to imagine anything and everything is possible
The power to imagine that there are no limitations anywhere
The power to imagine that ‘cannot’ is vague
The power to imagine that ‘never’ is void
This ink likes to explore
This ink likes to paint
The capacity of this ink is still beyond comprehension
Can go as long as it can be stretched
Flows as long as it is in use
Dries up the day it is no longer needed
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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