Short stories


I got into this beautiful jewelry shop and I was lost in admiration of the glistering  jewelries displayed on the glass shelves. While I kept asking for the prices of almost all that caught my attention, I noticed that inasmuch as the shelves were not so close to customer’s reach, they were still safeguarded with locks. Finally, I settled for a set  though the price almost made me go for something less, but then my mind was made up to buy something good for myself.  After all, I was gifting Me for hard-work. So I paid.

The attendant with a smile quickly packaged my new jewelries in an attractive branded box that also looked beautiful but was gotten from a stack of mini boxes neatly kept in a corner of the shop. Then I said to myself, this can also be applied to living. The jewelries and the boxes are both items in the shop. One is tightly secured because of its worth. The other was also safeguarded for proper stock taking and they all looked good from a distance. Lesson learnt, hard-work is not easy. Consistent self-improvement and development is not cheap anywhere. It demands your time, resources, even strength in some cases. We may all look alike on the outside from a distance, but it is content and quality that differentiates us. The values you preference  and you are willing to sacrifice for today, will determine you worth tomorrow. You can either be the gold or the gold-box it’s a matter of choice.

All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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