He couldn’t have it any more
The days went by
And everything seemed rosy on the outside
He wasn’t just getting it
But shielded the mess
He couldn’t take it anymore
Grave statements didn’t get anyone’s attention
Mood swings didn’t spring any signal
Phones buzz with unidentified calls
Restlessness sets in
Strange movements
He became uneasy with everyone
Apprehensive I say
Suddenly he wasn’t speaking
When he did, it was a snap
We all withdrew
He also did
We took cover
He also did
Long gloomy expression
Can you please talk to me
He wouldn’t say a word
Can you please share with me
He shoves and walks away
He kept talking to himself
Like with an immortal
He wasn’t talking to anyone anymore
Then it happened
Then the unimagined happened
The strange sound
He pulled the trigger on himself
The gush!!!
Second chance???
Suicide is not an option
Get help
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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