When oh when
How oh how
Hopelessness, hostility and darkness 
Seems to be everywhere
Challenges trying to choke 
my dreams and aspirations
I hear it banging in my head
Making me want to give up and go my way

But then, when it seems I have been forgotten
I hear that sweet sounding voice
That quite, still but reassuring voice
That voice that makes me want to sing again
That voice that makes me dwell some more
Saying to me
I mean the inner me
There is hope for the living
It will get better
It is getting better
Don’t give up
Look from where you are coming
Look how far you’ve gone
Look at the glory ahead
You can’t give up
Not now, not after all you’ve been through

Remain focus
Keep moving
Keep pushing
Keep going
You can make it
You can get it
Keep pressing
Don’t give up, not now
There is light
I see light
Oh bright light at the end of the tunnel
Then I say to Me
I am coming out stronger
I am coming out better
I am coming out wiser
It’s a new beginning
New strength
New hope
I am charged to push on
I am charged to move on
To make a difference
It’s a New Day!
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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