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Through precepts
Story preserved
And passed down
Of triumph well treasured
Victory so value
It’s worth and cost
Freedom fought for
Heroes who stood for it
And heroes who fell for it
How the shackles where shattered
The bleed and the plead
The treads and the treaties
The Valiant and the vanquish
Pass down to you
Put in your hands
What have you done
To maintain and sustain this freedom
I see it gradually washed
Washed away
By the flood of strife
I see it gradually swept
Swept away 
By the wind of deception
You stretch your hands
And that of your fellow countrymen again
To same shackles of slavery
You were liberated from
For your vain gain
Gain of the moment
Think again
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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