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For the privilege of having you
For putting smiles on our faces
For giving us reason  to celebrate
For making our homes lively
We say thank you
For coloring our walls
For reorganizing our furniture
For putting your toys in every part of our homes
For making us look for the remotes
We are grateful
For misplacing a pair of your slippers
Your sandals
Your canvas
Your shoes
Especially your socks when it’s fast needed
We say thank you
For bringing home those serious homeworks
For doing them
And for the times you forgot to do them
For making us buy pen, pencil and eraser on regular basis
You are still our best
For breaking our dishes
For emptying the cutlery basket
For forgetting your water bottles
Also your food flasks
Even your sweaters at school
We still love you
For eating your food
And picking on some
For eating your fruits and veggies (even when you didn’t want to)
For wanting snacks over food
And canned drink over water
You are our very best
For giving us reasons to hail
For making us cheer
For making us run
For making us jump
For making us scream
For making us laugh
For making us cry
We are grateful
For making us proud
For the medals
For the trophies
For the awards
For the plaques
We cherish you
For insisting we fulfill our promises
For making us shop even when we do not feel like it
For making us play
For making us enjoy watching cartoon…
We love you
For doing the dishes
For cleaning the house
For making the meals
For being helpful around us
It’s kisses from us
For making wise decisions
For being real
For speaking out
For being unique
We cherish you
For telling us the truth
For being understanding
For being kind
For being accommodating
For being respectful
For being considerate
For forgiving
For being obedient
You make our world
For loving God
For loving us
For loving your siblings
We love you more
Thank you for making parenting an experience and adventure
Happy Children’s Day
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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